What inspires you to be creative?  Is it social media and all the beautifully curated content that inspires you?  Is it the need to be social or you have a built-in desire to create beautiful items with your hands?

I look as far back as my childhood to see if my need to be creative was nurture or nature.  Where did this come from?  My parents were only in my life a very short time as they both passed at age 46.  But they knew I had this in me.  My favorite thing to receive at Christmas was something to make, some sort of craft or other kit was my favorite thing to receive.  I couldn't wait to get my hands into whatever project they gave me.  Sewing, painting, paint by number or other kits.  So there you go, I was always eager to learn on a new skill on my own too.  With the creation of the internet and on-line learning, we are able to expand our abilities further with the touch of a button and you-tube video.  

I hope that our Shop inspires you to be creative.  It is easy with all the wonderful products are your fingertips.  Décor Transfers make you look like a master artist.  Try them today.  We include tips and tricks with every purchase and paired with the Dixie Belle Mineral Paints and Stains, you can transform a discarded piece into a beautiful keepsake for you and your family for years to come.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2tAj1ebbqM

Rose Celebration Transfer