Moonshine Metallics -- How to get a flawless finish

Material List:

Suggested Base Coat + Moonshine Metallic Colors

  • Peacock Mineral Chalk Paint + Caribbean Moonshine Metallic
  • Palmetto Mineral Chalk Paint + Deep Woods Moonshine Metallic
  • Colonel Mustard  Mineral Chalk Paint + Gold Digger Moonshine Metallic
  • Cobalt Blue Mineral Chalk Paint + Pacific Moonshine Metallic 
  • Tea Rose Mineral Chalk Paint + Rozay Moonshine Metallic
  • Manatee Grey Mineral Chalk Paint + Silver Bullet Moonshine Metallic
  • Dried Sage or Driftwood Mineral Chalk Paint + Steel Magnolia Metallic
  • Lemonade Mineral Chalk Paint + Wedding Belle Moonshine Metallic
Peacock Mineral Chalk Paint + Caribbean Moonshine Mettalic


      1. Follow instructions on White Lightening Cleaner to prep your piece cleaning with WL, rinsing and allow piece to dry.
      2. Apply a base coat of Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint with flat brush using color selection supplied with this project.
      3. Open Metallic Paint and stir thoroughly.  There are small particles of metal with the paint. So important to do this.
      4. Mist spray (dampen) your Mini Brush and dip in Moonshine Metallic paint.  Put a small amount of paint on your brush.
      5. Now you will apply the the Metallic paint in one direction only from left to right/right to left in long brush strokes.  You will be moving it in the direction of the wood grain on your piece. If there happens to be framing around the piece you are painting, paint in the direction of the wood grain.  Long strokes in one direction only.
      6. Next, while paint is still wet, take the Premium Chip Brush and lightly go over the Moonshine Metallic pain in the same manner you put the first coat of Metallic on.  This will smooth out any lines.
      7. Allow piece to dry.
      8. Take your 000 Steel Wool and lightly go over the piece in the same direction that you applied paint.  Smooth out all bumps, lines, etc.
      9. Wipe with a rag making sure piece is lint free.
      10. Repeat from step 3 applying a second coat of Moonshine Metallic Paint.

      The content of this Blog post is referenced by a How to Video by Dixie Belle

      Brand Ambassador Bella Renovare by Crys'Dawna can be viewed 

      here:  YouTube