Dixie Dirt - What is it and how do I use it?

French Tip Brush
  • Dixie Dirt is a fine dust used to age furniture and other pieces.
  • Supplies needed: Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint, French Tip Brush or Artist Brush; Dixie Belle  Easy Peasy Wax or Dixie Belle Clear Wax, Dixie Dirt in your choice of color, Ash, Earth or Charcoal
  • Paint your piece with Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint
  • After piece is completely dried (at least 24 hours) apply Easy Peasy Wax or Clear Wax according to instructions with product.
  • Using the French Tip Brush or Artist Brush, put DIRT on brush, tap off extra and softly apply to areas you wish to age.  Perfect for Hardware and corners of pieces.
  • If the Dirt is not sticking, you need to apply more wax.  Work lightly with the DIRT, its always easier to apply more DIRT later if it's not enough.
  • If too much DIRT is added, wipe off with a soft cloth with wax on it.
  • This product takes a month to cure.

Photo credit @bella_renovare