Dixie Belle Patina Paint & Spray


Iron, Bronze, Copper

Green & Blue Spray

  • Create REAL Rust and Patina with our Patina Paint!  Patina Paint incorporates real metal and naturally reacts as the patina spray is applied.

  • Supplies:  Base coat of Dixie Belle Mineral Paint in your favorite color (can blend 2 colors of Mineral Paint for base if desired; Chip Brushes, (1 for each color of paint and 1 for each Patina Paint being used) Patina Paint with Iron and Copper (if want two-tone affect), Patina Spray, Spray Mister, Gator Hide
  • NOTE:  Do not store spray with nozzle in it.  Take out and clean when done and store separately.  When using this product, you must be in a well ventilated area.
  • Patina Paint needs to be stirred thoroughly.  This is a metal oxidizing painting. 
  • Steps:  Apply first coat of Dixie Belle Paint.  Once first coat is dry, apply second coat of Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint.  Blend the second color if you are using two colors.  Now take mister and spray paint. Let paint drip, get close, paint will be runny.  Take extra chip brush and flick down and go up and down to remove drips.  Allow to dry.
  • Take the Dixie Belle Patina Paintstir thoroughly, put one coat with dry chip brush up and down where you want the Patina to show.  Basically put Patina Paint where you want the rust to be shown.  Let dry. Copper gives a blue patina look. Iron give you a rust look.  Apply where you want a little in areas.  Let first coat dry.
  • Now apply a second coat of Patina Paint in same areas as before.  The Patina Paint needs to be wet when you put the Patina Spray on.
  • Apply Patina Paint while Patina Paint is still wet.  If it happens to dry, apply more Patina Paint.  Green Spray results more green and Blue Spray will be more blue.
  • Green Spray is for Bronze, Copper and Iron
  • Blue Spray is for Bronze, Copper and Iron
  • Let it sit for a while.  
  • Apply top coat to seal, Gator Hide or Top Coat.  Top Coat will stop the reaction of the Patina Spray.
  • Summary and Photo Credit @bellarenovare