Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint - Top 15 Colors 2020 YTD

Did you know that Dixie Belle Paint Company keeps track of all its sales and gives its retailers a list of the top 15 colors year to date. Well here is the list for you for 2020.....

Presenting in order of top sales

1  Fluff

2  Drop Cloth

3  Cotton

4  Caviar

5  Buttercream

6  Vintage Duck Egg

7  Hurricane Gray

8  Driftwood

9  Sawmill Gravy

10 French Linen

11 Manatee Gray

12 Antebellum Blue

13 Bunker Hill Blue

14 Coffee Bean

15 Gravel Road

and we have them for you.  Shop our full selection.  Listings are separated by size for your convenience.